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A shared vision

  Hello everyone and welcome back: I would like to let you know that today I am going to launch one of the ideas that I am sure you will notice is more daring, because in principle it specifically clashes with certain concepts and notions that we have about our perception of the world and the events (anomalous or not) that occur. they happen. But to open your mouth, we are going to talk about what is called “folie à deux”, since I consider it to be a good starting point. The folie à deux or shared psychosis is a rare mental pathology, where two people share the same disorder and that has been transmitted from one person to another: in turn we can say that it can be simultaneous (if it appears in both individuals at the same time). ) or imposed (when one of the two individuals is dominant and imposes his disorder on the other). This disorder sometimes has a difficult differential diagnosis with other processes such as mass hysteria, for example. But as far as this article is concerned,